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Eat Pro Limited Privacy Policy

Eat Pro Limited (hereinafter "the Company”), with regard to the Company’s "Eat Pro Japan” online table booking service (hereinafter "the Service”), shall handle information regarding the Company’s customers (hereinafter "Customer Information”) in the manner prescribed below.

Article 1 (General Provisions)

  1. In order to protect Customer Information, the Company shall comply with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, guidelines issued by government ministries and agencies, and other related laws.
  2. The "Eat Pro Japan” Privacy Policy (hereinafter "this Policy”) shall apply to the Service (including other services provided by the Company that are incidental to the Service). In addition, where the handling of Customer Information is stipulated in privacy policies on websites operated by the Company or in other personal information protection policies or terms of service relating to "Eat Pro Japan”, these stipulations shall also be applied. However, where such stipulations conflict with this Policy, this Policy shall take priority.
  3. This Policy shall not apply to services related to the Service that are provided by parties other than the Company (hereinafter "Outside Services”). For information about the handling of Customer Information by Outside Services, please refer to the separately stipulated privacy policies of the business/businesses providing the service in question.

Article 2 (Information Obtained)

  1. The Company, through the Service, shall obtain Customer Information, including personal information (as defined in the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, Article 2, Paragraph 1: hereinafter referred to as "Personal Information”), in the manner stipulated below.
    (1) Information provided by customers

a. Name and email address
We have customers provide this information in order to register accounts, confirm identities, and prevent improper use.

b. Date of birth, gender, and other information specified by the Company
We have customers provide this information in order for restaurants to provide optimal services relating to food and drinks.

c. Name, email address, and other information specified by the Company relating to the person/persons visiting the restaurant.
We have customers provide this information in order to confirm the identity of people other than the customer who made the reservation.

(2) Information gathered by the Company when customers use the Service

a. Device information
The Company may gather unique information about the device used by the customer (individual identification information such as unique device IDs) in order to operate systems necessary for provision of the Service, maintenance and enhancement of the Service, or prevention of fraudulent activities.

b. Log information and action history information
For the purposes of maintenance and enhancement of the Service and prevention of fraudulent activities, the Company may gather information relating to the circumstances of a customer’s utilization of the Service, access-log information, and action history information.

c. Location information
In order to identify restaurants based on the current location of a customer and utilize this information to provide optimal services, the Company may gather location information transmitted from the customer’s smartphone, tablet, or other digital devices (hereinafter "Digital Device”). Note that although it is possible to change the settings of a Digital Device to halt the transmission of location information, doing so may prevent utilization of certain aspects of the Service.

d. Cookies and anonymous IDs (ANIDs)
In the course of providing the Service, "Cookies” and other such technologies may be utilized. "Cookies” are an industry-standard technology used by web servers to identify customers’ computers. Although "Cookies” enable identification of customers’ computers, they cannot be used toidentify individual customers. Note that although it is possible to change the settings of a Digital Device to disable the Cookies function, doing so may prevent utilization of some or all aspects of the Service.

  1. The Company shall obtain Customer Information in a legitimate manner and shall not use deceitful or improper methods to obtain Customer Information. In addition, if the Company is to obtain Customer Information through methods other than through customers’ use of the Service, the Company shall notify the customers or publicize this action in advance.
  2. Customers have a "right to be forgotten” and may, at any time, remove their account from the service via the customer account page. Please be aware that any outstanding reservations or payments will need to be handled through fulfilment or cancellation of them before the system will allow account removal.
  3. Customers may, at any time, submit a formal request for a copy of all their stored data held within the service. This request will be processed within 5 business days and the information will be sent to the email address registered to that customer account.

Article 3 (Purpose of Use)

  1. The Company shall handle Customer Information obtained through the Service in a legitimate manner within the scope of the purposes listed below. Customer Information will not be used beyond the scope of the purposes listed below without the consent of the customers.

Purposes of use

Details of purposes of use

Information used

Provision, maintenance, or enhancement of the Service

・For identification of customers using the Service and prevention of improper use of the Service・For smooth provision, maintenance, and enhancement of the Service

・Name and email address・Name and email address of persons (third parties) other than the customer・Date of birth, gender, and other information etc. required for provision of the Service・Location information

Customer notification and correspondence

・For provision of information relating to the Service and response to inquiries etc.・For notifications regarding new services relating to the Service or for provision of such services.・For notifications regarding the terms of use of the Service; changes to this Policy; termination or suspension of the Service or contract cancellation; or other important notifications regarding the Service.

・Email address・Date of birth, gender, and other information etc. required for provision of the Service

Provision to third parties

Third parties receiving the information listed on the right shall use the information for the purposes listed below.・For the provision of Affiliated Services・In order to display advertisements that match the needs and interests of customers・In order to analyze the effectiveness of advertisements・In order to carry out market analysis and marketing

・Digital device information・Log information and action history information・Cookies

  1. The Company may change the purposes of use stipulated in the preceding section if the relevant purpose of use after the change is reasonably related to the purpose of use before the change. If such a change is made, the Company shall notify customers or publish the relevant information in a manner prescribed separately.
  2. Any personally identifiable information (PII) provided by customers will be treated with absolute sensitivity without exception. The company will never provide access to PII for any unrelated 3rd-party services without first formally requesting full consent from a customer.

Article 4 (Protection of Personal Information)

The Company shall appoint staff responsible for the handling of Personal Information, and shall establish a system to provide appropriate management of Personal Information that prevents fraudulent access to Personal Information, and loss, alteration, and leakage, etc. of Personal Information.

Article 5 (Provision to Third Parties)

  1. The Company shall not provide Customer Information that constitutes Personal Information to third parties, except in the cases below.
    (1) When the customer provides their consent
    (2) When required to do so in accordance with laws or regulations
    (3) When taking necessary measures in response to the actions of customers who, in the course of using the Service, engage or attempt to engage in actions that violate the terms of use such as harming the interests of others, or acting in a manner that runs counter to public order and morals
    (4) When it is necessary for the protection of a person’s life, health, or assets, and receiving direct consent from the customer is difficult
    (5) When the Company is required to cooperate with government institutions or local authorities, or parties entrusted by them, and there is a possibility that receiving consent from the customer may interfere with the execution of such duties stipulated by laws and regulations
    (6) When business successions resulting from mergers, demergers, or business transfers, etc. occur and involve the transfer of customers’ Personal Information.
  2. The Company shall, after having received the consent of customers, be able to provide Customer Information to businesses that provide services affiliated with the Service (hereinafter "Affiliated Companies” and "Affiliated Services” respectively).

Article 6 (Outsourcing of the Handling of Personal Information)

The Company may outsource to third parties the handling of all or part of the Personal Information received from customers (this refers to cases in which the management of data including Personal Information is outsourced, etc.). In such cases, the Company will sign non-disclosure agreements etc. in advance with the third party concerned, based on the content of this Policy. The Company will also carry out the supervision necessary to ensure that information safety is being managed appropriately by the third party concerned.

Article 7 (Joint Use of Information)

The Company may share customers’ Personal Information with Affiliated Companies and other third parties within the scope of what is necessary for the provision of Affiliated Services. In such cases, the Company will publish in advance the name of the Affiliated Company, the purpose of the information sharing, and the type of information to be shared.

Article 8 (Data-Gathering Tools)

The following data-gathering tool is integrated into the Service in order to analyze how the Service is being utilized. Along with this, the Company may provide user data to the provider of the data gathering tool below. The data gathering tool uses Cookies etc. to collect user data that does not include personally identifiable information, and the data gathered shall be managed in accordance with the privacy policies and other regulations of the data-gathering tool provider.

Name: Google Analytics
Provider: Google Inc.
Privacy policy:

Article 9 (Safety Management System)

  1. The Company shall take the Customer Information safety management measures necessary, such as limiting access to Personal Information files, keeping access log records, and using security software to prevent unauthorized access from outside the Company, to protect Customer Information against leakage, loss, or damage etc.
  2. The Company shall appoint the Company’s President and CEO as the Customer Information Manager, and shall engage in appropriate management of Customer Information as well as continuous enhancement of this management.

Article 10 (Disclosure and Correction of Customer Information)

  1. For more information regarding the disclosure, correction, addition, deletion, or discontinuation of use of Personal Information provided by customers to the Company, please refer to the document on"Information Regarding Applications for Disclosure etc. of Personal Information(PDF)”. Note however that, depending on the nature of the information, it may not be possible to disclose, correct, add, delete, or discontinue use of Personal Information.
  2. When requests such as those in the preceding paragraph are made, the Company will make disclosures etc. within the appropriate scope once the identity of the persons concerned has been confirmed. Note however that this shall not apply if, in accordance with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and other laws, the Company is not obliged to make disclosures, etc.

Article 11 (Alterations to this Policy)

  1. The Company shall review its handling of Customer Information as necessary and strive to make continuous enhancements. This Policy may therefore be altered as necessary.
  2. When an alteration is made to this Policy, the details of the alteration shall be announced in an easily understood manner through the Service or on websites operated by the Company etc. Note however that when an alteration is made that legally requires the consent of customers the Company shall obtain the consent of customers through methods prescribed separately by the Company.

Article 12 (Inquiries)

Please send any opinions, questions, and complaints regarding the Company’s handling of Customer Information as well as other inquiries regarding the handling of Customer Information to the email address below.

Personal Information Management Inquiries Desk
Eat Pro Japan Inc.

Established April 18 2019