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Transform the world’s dining experiences with innovation, excitement, and new discoveries.

Eat Pro Japan is the 1st entertaining, contactless, and globally connected restaurant booking platform in Japan. We empower the best restaurants in Japan and food lovers to enter this new digital age by improving their dining experiences to become a safer, more fun, and digitally dynamic journey.

"Customer experience,” "entertainment,” and "safety” are important strategies for catching the attention of your customers and keeping them engaged with your restaurant. Eat Pro Japan is here to make this happen. Our platform adds new values to many restaurant businesses via our multi-angle and multi-language contactless digital touchpoints that help them evolve and thrive in the future.

Throughout the entire dining journey food lovers can find out the values and attractions that restaurants offer, discover the best dishes to order, and seamlessly make the next reservations or recommend your restaurant to their loved ones or friends. All of this can be done with no contact via our secure reservation booking system.Another goal of Eat Pro Japan is to unlock the value of great restaurants and great food in Japan by giving them contactless and multi-language dining digital solutions so they can offer safe services to both domestic and foreign customers and expand their customer bases. Restaurants can use this solution to start on the road of building a global restaurant brand by opening restaurants overseas or even franchising their brand across the world one day.

As we know, Japanese cuisine was registered as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage product in 2013. This created a great opportunity for Japanese cuisine to attract the global recognition that it has long deserved. Eat Pro Japan wants more people to discover your restaurants and understand the values that your restaurant can deliver.

We are dedicated to offer this new "contactless dining experience” for the best restaurants in Japan and for food lovers from all over the world. We offer everyone a safer, more satisfying, and seamless dining experience.

Our Values

Eat Pro Japan - About Us
Always exceeding expectations
Eat Pro Japan - About Us
We build trust
Eat Pro Japan - About Us
Break the world’s boundaries



Company Name: Eat Pro Japan Inc.

Founder: Molly Lao, Alexander Dubinski

Founded: 2019

Address: 〒107-0062 Grand Casa Minami-Aoyama 2F, Minami-Aoyama 4-17-33, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan